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What better way to break in your newly purchased firearm than at Columbia’s indoor firing range. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a fun time target practicing during those long winter months or steamy summer days. We only reserve lanes for large groups. Also throughout the year we have special events and classes to help new & experienced gun owners. These events provide gun owners a fun as well as educational time in learning how to properly & responsibly handle their firearm. Our indoor range is open to the public and a safe place to perfect your skills and technique. No reservation required for groups of six or less.


Annual memberships are a tremendous value and a great incentive to improve your skills and maintain your defensive edge!  Members receive unlimited range time with no per visit charges; however, you must purchase at least one target for $1.60 during each visit. (Our targets are sized to ensure bullets hit bullet trap at rear of range.)  Members also receive special pricing on store purchases.

  • New membership $210.00
  • Membership renewal $120.00
  • Law Enforcement / Academy Students / Active Military – Active Guard and Active Reserves $100.00 (New and Renewal)

Discounted multiple visit range cards available for all.

Range Hours of Operation:  

9 am to 7:30 pm / Monday – Friday

10 am to 6:30 pm / Saturday

No Reservations Required for groups of six or less.


Range Rules:  

  • Muff Style hearing protection and eye protection are required. (Available for rent when renting a firearm.)
  • Handgun calibers allowed up to .44 Magnum.
  • Do to varying range of target carrier between armor at end of range and the shooter; customers must use Target Master’s targets to ensure safe angle of fire.
  • No more than two shooters on a lane. Target Masters members shoot for free. *
  • Eye & Ear protection must be worn on the firing range at ALL times. **
  • The terms of our equipment lease and firearms warranty on range guns prohibits the use of any outside ammunition in the rental/range guns. ***
  • Any person entering the range (even as a spectator) must pay range fee if not a current member.
  • No Steel Case Ammunition
  • No Rapid Fire shooting.
  • No Rifle calibers.

Indoor Firing Range Features:

  • 10 (25 yard) lanes.
  • Electronic target carriers.
  • Prominent range markings at 3 yards, 7 yards, 15 yards to aid in accurate repeatability of skill assessment and developmental drills.
  • Infrared heaters above shooting stations to knock the chill off on cold winter days.
  • Range viewing room with comfortable seating for visitors not wishing to shoot.

Range Fees:

Rent a Lane:
First person on lane——————- $18.00
Second person sharing lane* —— $9.00
Targets————————————- $1.60 ea.

Rent our Safety Equipment: **
Eye Protection—————————- $1.00 (For those renting firearms only) Gun owners must have or purchase eye protection.
Ear Protection—————————- $1.00 Muff style hearing protection rental is available for everyone. It is much louder indoors!

Rent a Gun: ***
Hanguns———————————- $12.00 and up plus Cost of ammunition. Rental and range fees are waived if you purchase gun after rental. (Gun purchase must be made during same visit.)