the Target Masters Advantage

Searching  for a serious defensive handgun, shotgun or rifle? We don't want you to settle for a lesser pistol. If your handgun of choice is not used by military or law enforcement you should not consider it a serious defensive weapon. Our layaway program will allow you to step up to a "duty quality" weapon that you can bet your life on.  How about world class training and a range to safely develop new skills? At target Masters we have a large selection of current defensive firearms on the rental program so you can try before you buy, and training courses for all experience levels to prepare you for the ultimate test. Our customers who buy, train and shoot here have the Target Masters Advantage and will likely prevail if the "test" ever comes their way. 

Colt Cobra    only 1 in Stock.   $679.00!


Concealed Carry Sunday August 12th.  Must register in advance in person..   See details on training page. 

Pepper spray / CS gas defense sprays and personal alarms in stock for your protection on campus and at home. This is not pepper spray you buy at other stores. This is pepper spray and military tear gas combined to give you the best chance to escape.  

13 Hours Benghazi (John "Tig" Tiegen) limited edition 1 of 300 commemorative sets of a 1927-A1 Tommy gun and Kahr ST9   and violin case. $1995.00

Serious Defensive Firearms and World-Class Training

We only sell serious defensive firearms from top manufacturers, such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and Kimber. In addition, we carry a large selection of 1911 pistols, including handguns manufactured by Dan Wesson. Other than firearms, we also carry tactical lights, as well as pepper and chemical sprays.

You can also choose from our huge selection of accessories, such as belts, magazines, knives, bags, and safes. Additionally, we can custom manufacture Kydex® holsters for left-handed shooters or for weapons that have lasers or lights mounted on them.

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