Predators are experts at detecting weakness and choosing prey; when you walk with confidence you’re far less likely to be selected as a victim. At Target Masters we take training very seriously. Whether reinforcing the basics of safe gun handling, reducing accidents, teaching the moral ethical and legal use of force, or providing advanced tactical training, our focus is on saving lives. Come develop real skills and build self-confidence with Target Masters! 

Conceal and Carry Class
CCW class fee: $100.00 (cash or check only)
Must enroll in person and in advance

The Target Masters CCW course teaches all state-required information, plus the three elements needed to justify deadly force, the five things you must tell the police if you use your gun for self-defense, and additional vital information brought directly from Massad Ayoob, Dr. William April, John Farnam and more of the nations top experts on deterrence, de-selection, and legal use of deadly force. 

Required Items

  • Photo identification
  • A pistol or a revolver
  • 50 rounds of brass case ammunition

Students must be able to safely handle, load, unload, fieldstrip, and operate their weapons without supervision.

(We don't learn from or teach information from YouTube or Internet forums.) 

Individual Basic Pistol Instruction

Details     $50.00 per person plus applicable range fees and firearm rental fees (if needed).
We will teach you how to properly handle, load, and shoot your pistol or revolver in the context of defense. The defensive use of a handgun is substantially different from target use. If you own a gun for self-defense, then this class is vitally important for you. This class costs $50.00 per person plus range fees. 

Training is offered from Monday to Friday in the afternoon. (Must call to schedule in advance.)

Beyond Concealed Carry

Beyond CCW classes are broken down into two-hour blocks and conducted on Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. These are shooting intensive courses and require 100 rounds of ammunition, a suitable holster, at least 1 spare magazine, safety glasses and a hat with a brim.

Defensive Pistol Level-1:

  • Defensive theory – 4 critical steps to getting your gun in play and eliminating the threat.
  • Dressing for your gun.
  • Proper holstering technique.
  • Verbal challenges.
  • Proper drawing technique and target acquisition.
  • Proper loading, reloading and magazine handling.
  • Moving while reloading.
  • Use of cover and concealment.

Defensive Pistol Level-2:

  • Brief review of Level-1 skills.
  • Clearing malfunctions while moving.
  • Operating 360 degrees in a threat environment.
  • Battlefield pick-up, learning to fight with any gun.
  • Engaging multiple threats.
  • Controlling bystanders.
  • Communicating with law enforcement.

Defensive Pistol Level-3:

  • Quick review of Level-1 and Level-2 skills.
  • Working with a partner
  • Fighting from vehicle.
  • Shooting through vehicle glass.
  • Using vehicle for cover.
  • Shooting from cover positions.
  • Engaging multiple threats.

Defensive Pistol Level-4:

  • Introduction to Low-light shooting.
  • OODA Loop.
  • Confronting hostage situation.

Specialty Courses

Offered upon request. 

  • Church Security Team Skill Evaluation: This course is designed to evaluate the skill level and weapon choices of your security team. Certified does not mean qualified. How large is your sanctuary? Have you defined minimum weapon requirements for your team? How about minimum performance standards? Expecting team members to successfully confront an active shooter with a snub-nosed revolver or subcompact pistol is unrealistic. You are 100% accountable for every round fired. This is the first step in developing an effective and competent security team.

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